Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is It.

I just came from seeing This Is It at The Dome in Hollywood with buddies Ellis, Kevin & Michael. If you've seen it, you won't be surprised when I say that I'm inspired.

With 12 days before the 2nd annual Open Artists With Open Arms concert, Pop Goes The World, I am aching to rock my performance among a list of performers more prestigious than any I've shared a bill with. The concept is strong, I'm pleased with my songs, My choreographer and lead dancer Scott Hislop is beyond talented. I'm more worried about nailing the costumes and style of the piece more than anything. I'm sure it will come together. It always does.

Click HERE if you wanna get a ticket and learn more about the show.

Also of note, last night I saw a rare LA performance from Vanessa Hidary, The Hebrew Mamita, on Melrose and Heliotrope (perfect opportunity to make a pit stop at Scoops for some killer ice cream). Her spoken word is so wonderful, so genius, so humorous & so heart-wrenching, but MOSTLY a freaking treat! She's coming over tomorrow night for dinner, vino, trick-or-treaters and catching up.

Nothing better than this life, this city, this moment.