Sunday, March 7, 2010


My talented friend Clifford Morts has written a play that's going up next month at the NoHo Arts Center called Praying Small. Clifford is starring in the play and the artistic director of NoHo Arts Center, James Mellon, is directing.

Clifford got me hired to do the music for the play & his concept is that there will be music throughout, not unlike a film score. I've got a LOT of work to do.

Anyway, here is my first crack of one of the covers he asked for, "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, a song I've been covering for a couple of years. I'm planning on adding an acoustic guitar and a few other elements, but it's coming out how I'd hoped. The song is an emotional roller coaster and I want to capture that. In some other versions I've heard, the lyrics are almost an afterthought. -But the lyrics of this song are among the best ever written. I recorded this yesterday and I wept on more than one occasion throughout the day.

This morning as I listen and reflect, this song is the perfect soundtrack for my own life in art. The challenge can bring you to your knees, but you just keep on singin...

GO TO to hear Hallelujah 1.1. I'm taking this song down tonight. So if you want to hear it again you'll have to come to PRAYING SMALL. XO Kyle

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